Moar stuff about that last post

Now that Jacemora linked to my video and explained his way of doing all that stuff, I thought that I might add my own advice/ideas regarding how to do that stuff.
At first I must apologize for not doing that in the video right from the beginning. I intended to do so, but before I got into serious editing, the hard drive where I stored the frapsed files broke and so all I had left was the video I uploaded, and after that I didn’t bother editing it further…

Now on to the real content of this post.

Spec recommendations
Remember that this is pre-3.1 and I don’t know if it will be as easy once HotW gets nerfed.
There is no real needed feral spec, but I would totally say that Survival Instinct, Berserk, and Protector of the Pack are mandatory for this run, so you might want to use either a full bear spec or an OT kitty spec (both work) that include those talents.

Gear recommendations
I currently, and in that video, wear full T7.5 gear, but that isn’t needed at all. My recommendations sit at about 32k+ health unbuffed in dire bear form, and at more than 22k armor (which you don’t really need that much, because the hard fights use elemental damage).
I don’t change any gear in that run besides the one trinket change before I start the Priestess fight.

The run
At first I start by stealthing into the instance far enough to see the adds of the Priestess PvP fight, because I read in the German forums that the windfury totem of the shaman add would be quite hard to overcome, which is why I look if the shaman add is there. If he’s there I normally run out and reset the instance until I get a better constellation of adds (you can reset the instance by simply switching the dungeon difficulty to normal and back to heroic).
For Selin Fireheart, you might go kitty while he’s charging his mana from the crystals, but tank’n’spank is safer, I think.
Vexallus is quite interesting in that he only deals arcane damage. If you feel unsure, you might equip your stamina gear, but for the fight be sure that Barkskin, SI and Frenzy Regeneration are available and activate them all once you get below 50%ish health. Oh, and be sure to kill all the sparks asap, they won’t be hit by any AoE you throw (which means Swipe, glyphed Maul and berserk’d Mangle) and enjoy the 20k+ maul crits 😀
Priestess Delrissa is quite easy. Wait for all your cooldowns to be available again, pounce her (just for the bleed effect for more maul damage), pop berserk, maybe Barkskin, and spam mangle and maul. Lacerate again when the bleed effect from Pounce falls off, and switch to swipe when Berserk stops, maybe bash a heal from her, but just keep going. SI and Frenzy Regeneration as needed. Once the priestess is down (remember, you focus on her, because she keeps healing herself that way) at lest one of the adds should be quite low if not already dead. Keep killing the adds, stun, cyclone and heal yourself if needed.
Now comes the hardest part (at least for me, I always die at least once to that damn trash group…). The magisters, warlocks and blood knights do the most damage, so be sure to kill them first.
For Kael’thas, start in kitty, otherwise the Pyro will get you. How long you stay in kitty depends on how many Fireballs you resist and stuff like that. Use Berserk when the phoenix comes and mangle and maul it and the egg in a position where you still hit Kael’thas. SI and Frenzy Reg might be needed sometime during phase 1. Once the gravity lapse starts you can’t really die any more, so wear him down slow or fast, or however you want to do it.
Enjoy your new mount, or your phoenix pet, or be angry at not getting either of them after more than 20 runs.


2 Responses to “Moar stuff about that last post”

  1. jacemora Says:

    I have found for soloing having IMPLotP is priceless. Not sure how important it is for this run but I just barely killed Vex on my 2nd try.

    As far as the shammy, I had him and I still 1 shot it. I had the engineer, the rogue, the shammy, and the lock and had no issues just using a swipe, maul, mangle rotation in place. The shammy and priestess eventually run out of mana. The rogue stuns are also annoying but just prolongs the inevitable.

  2. Yeah, forgot to mention ILotP.

    As for the shaman add, I read that his windfury totem would be nasty if there were many melee adds in that fight, so I tried to avoid it all the time… might try it with him and a full melee group maybe.

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