Me got tagged!

As some/all of you might now, there’s a whole bunch of tagging going round in the WoW blogging community. The task is to post your sixth screenshot from your sixth subfolder in your screenshot directory, and I got tagged by Stop and Byaghro to do this, mainly because I said in BA chat that I had not been tagged… I should shut up when such stuff gets up, otherwise I will have to do much more like this in the future.

So, to start I must say that I do not have subfolders. So I’ll randomly pick all my two folders where there actually ARE screenshots of WoW. The first one is a bit older, dating back to the days pre-BC, should be about 6 months prior to the addon-release, where I was running a bit of Alterac Valley on my warrior alt, who back then was my main raiding toon.


As you can see, I wasn’t that bad.

Now for my actual screenshot folder.
It’s sorted alphabetically, which means that the pictures from January of this year are first, so I might be posting more than just one, sorting in different ways for choosing.

This one already got posted in this blog to show that mammoths are, in fact, immune to damage.

The sixth from the back, showing me and a nice orc huntress two-manning all those Vrykul arena quests (well, we did need help for the last one).

So now for the sixth one recorded in my folder:

Well, not much to say for this one… and that’s it! Hope you have enjoyed these screens!

Now for me tagging people…
Ruffin over at Confessions of a Part-time Panzerkin
Forks over at Omen of Clarity
Pookies over at Pookies is not a bear
C. Jones (too lazy to look up the toon’s name) over at Spam Moonfare!
Kalon over at Think Tank
Llanion over at Mooonfire
and Yashima over at Yashima Plays


3 Responses to “Me got tagged!”

  1. Oh noes … I didn’t see … now I have to post a screenie 🙂 I will. May take a day or two.

  2. […] over at Trizophenie’s Weblog just tagged me! For those who don’t know how this recent tag works, if you get tagged, you […]

  3. Hehe, thanks for giving me a post to make today, =P

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