Character update

Well, I thought I should update the people still reading this stuff on what I have achieved since my last ‘real’ post about my druid, which was the ‘ding 80’ back in november.
Some stuff you might have seen from the mammoth pictures or videos, if you watched them, but not all.

As far as raiding goes, I have personally cleared Sarth 10 and 25 without drakes, Naxx 10, and Naxx 25 up to and including Sapphiron, still miss Malygos and Sarth+Drakes.
I’m having 3 T7/25 and 1 T7/10-piece, making me have the 4-piece feral set bonus, which is kinda awesome.
I cleared all but Heroic Ahn’Kahet or whatever it’s called, got my bronze drake from heroic Culling of Stratholme, and am happily trying to farm my raven mount and my white hawkstrider nearly daily.

Raiding goes meh right now, I was originally taken as third tank into our guild’s raids, but my total bear time gets limited to 4 horsemen, as a tank in the back for the range ones.

If I miss some important stuff, just feel free to ask, I just wrote this in a bunch of minutes, which is why I’m missing achievement screenshots and all that stuff.


2 Responses to “Character update”

  1. Sounds like you’ve been busy! 😛

  2. Yeah, somehow… 🙂

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