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Just linking back, instead of trying to write a real post.


Me got tagged!

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As some/all of you might now, there’s a whole bunch of tagging going round in the WoW blogging community. The task is to post your sixth screenshot from your sixth subfolder in your screenshot directory, and I got tagged by Stop and Byaghro to do this, mainly because I said in BA chat that I had not been tagged… I should shut up when such stuff gets up, otherwise I will have to do much more like this in the future.

So, to start I must say that I do not have subfolders. So I’ll randomly pick all my two folders where there actually ARE screenshots of WoW. The first one is a bit older, dating back to the days pre-BC, should be about 6 months prior to the addon-release, where I was running a bit of Alterac Valley on my warrior alt, who back then was my main raiding toon.


As you can see, I wasn’t that bad.

Now for my actual screenshot folder.
It’s sorted alphabetically, which means that the pictures from January of this year are first, so I might be posting more than just one, sorting in different ways for choosing.

This one already got posted in this blog to show that mammoths are, in fact, immune to damage.

The sixth from the back, showing me and a nice orc huntress two-manning all those Vrykul arena quests (well, we did need help for the last one).

So now for the sixth one recorded in my folder:

Well, not much to say for this one… and that’s it! Hope you have enjoyed these screens!

Now for me tagging people…
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Just for bothering

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He knows what I’m talking about.


Ice stones?

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Did you know that the Ice Stone has melted?

Character update

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Well, I thought I should update the people still reading this stuff on what I have achieved since my last ‘real’ post about my druid, which was the ‘ding 80’ back in november.
Some stuff you might have seen from the mammoth pictures or videos, if you watched them, but not all.

As far as raiding goes, I have personally cleared Sarth 10 and 25 without drakes, Naxx 10, and Naxx 25 up to and including Sapphiron, still miss Malygos and Sarth+Drakes.
I’m having 3 T7/25 and 1 T7/10-piece, making me have the 4-piece feral set bonus, which is kinda awesome.
I cleared all but Heroic Ahn’Kahet or whatever it’s called, got my bronze drake from heroic Culling of Stratholme, and am happily trying to farm my raven mount and my white hawkstrider nearly daily.

Raiding goes meh right now, I was originally taken as third tank into our guild’s raids, but my total bear time gets limited to 4 horsemen, as a tank in the back for the range ones.

If I miss some important stuff, just feel free to ask, I just wrote this in a bunch of minutes, which is why I’m missing achievement screenshots and all that stuff.

The Bear looking for help

Posted in Stuff on February 2, 2009 by Eglador

The Bear looks for blogger friends to spread the word that he still does live to those that just have his feedburner feed, which seems to have stopped working for him.

So, I humbly, most pathetically ask that, if possible, my fellow blogger friends please make a teeny, tiny mini-post just mentioning that Bear is a dumbass and has a broken Feed, and if they are still interested in getting my posts, folks need to please, pretty-please visit the site and subscribe to the new feed.

After that I just thought that hey, I could help him spread the word, although nearly nobody reads what I write 🙂