Bear enchants, part 2

Part 1

The List, part 2:

Heavy Borean Armor Kit: 18 stamina, leatherworking
Greater Inscription of the Pinnacle: 37 stamina20 dodge-rating, 15 def-rating, exalted Sons of Hodir

Major Agility: 22 agi, enchanting

There is no real choice here as a feral tank.

Expertise: 15 expertise, enchanting
Major Stamina: 40 stamina, enchanting

No real choice here, if you’re no LW take the stamina one, if you’re a LW, take your fur lining.

Heavy Borean Armor Kit: 18 stamina, leatherworking
Major Agility: 20 agi, enchanting
Precision: 20 hit-rating, enchanting
Expertise: 15 expertise-rating, enchanting

This is more a question of your personal preference.
Personally I would prefer the agi-enchant, but the armor kits are good, too. If you lack in threat, get the hit or expertise one.

Stamina: 24 stamina, enchanters only

Heavy Borean Armor Kit: 18 stamina, leatherworking
Icewalker: 12 hit+crit-rating, enchanting
Superior Agility: 16 agi, enchanting
Tuskarr’s Vitality: 15 stamina + minor run speed, enchanting

Again, your personal preference.
Armor kit and Tuskarr’s Vitality are nearly the same, I would recommend the Vitality one between those two, but maybe you only want avoidance or threat.

Addition to part 1:

As mmo-champion states there will be a new weapon enchant, Titanguard,
that grants 75 stamina to a weapon. This completely obsoletes all weapon enchants I posted in the last post.
Edit: It seems as if the enchant got removed from the PTR in the most recent build, according to mmo-champion it got nerfed to 50 stamina before. Thanks to Amandrel for the hint.

Please leave comments, mail me, correct my mistakes, or just give advice on how to improve this list, or if you find new enchantments that are better.


3 Responses to “Bear enchants, part 2”

  1. Great list & very helpful to a new bear tank like myself!

    One update: Titanguard has been nerfed to +50 stamina in the most recent 3.0.8 PTR build.

  2. Thanks for the info! I should read more mmo-champion…

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