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Happy new year!

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As the title says, happy new year to everyone out there.


It’s that time again

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Merry christmas everyone!
Yeah, we in Germany celebrate a day too early, I know…

Traveler’s Well-Balanced Mammoth

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Thanks to Stop for the post title.

Mostly self-explanatory:

Bear enchants, part 1

Posted in Druid, Raiding on December 10, 2008 by Eglador

Karthis posted about glyphs and his gear wishlist,
Flyv posted about gems and BoE gear, and
Kalon posted about Emblem and T7-gear, so I thought I could write something about enchants for bears.

Part 2

At first I have to say that I don’t rate all this stuff by numbers and/or lists, that it just represents my personal
opinion of all that stuff. I may give some more theorycrafting-related examples or comparisons, especially when comparing
enchants that grant def-rating with ones without it, but don’t think I’ll do it all the time.

The List:

Heavy Borean Armor Kit: 18 stamina, leatherworking
Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector: 37 stamina, 20 def-rating, revered Argent Crusade
Arcanum of the Defender: 16 def-rating, 17 dodge-rating, revered Keepers of Time

Going by numbers, the Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector wins. In my personal opinion, too.
If you compare the two arcanums, you have 37 stamina against about 0.4% dodge (not including DR), where the stamina just wins.
I even think that the armor kit is better than the Keepers’ arcanum, because 18 stamina is nothing to sneeze at.

Heavy Borean Armor Kit: 18 stamina, leatherworking
Powerful Stats: 10 to all stats, enchanting
Greater Defense: 22 def-rating, enchanting

You may ask why the Super Health enchant is missing in that list, and that’s simply
because the armor kit grants more health as a feral (in numbers: 18 sta*10*1.2*1.25*1.06=286.2 hp, and that’s without Kings).
This time, the choice is much harder, but personally I prefer the stats enchant, because it grants more avoidance. If you
still miss stamina for surviving those hard-hitting bosses or just are there to soak mana like nothing else, go for the armor kit.

Heavy Borean Armor Kit: 18 stamina, leatherworking
Frosthide Leg Armor: 55 stamina, 22 agility, leatherworking

There is no real choice in here, get yourself a decent leg armor (if you’re no LW and the Frosthide one is too expensive, go for the
Jormungar one.

Accuracy: 25 hit and crit rating, enchanting
Lifeward: proc for 140-160 self heal, enchanting
Mongoose: 120 agi and 2% haste proc, enchanting
Major Agility: 35 agi, enchanting

This is more a question of your personal preference.
If you need more threat, go for Accuracy. If you mostly do offtanking or instance-tanking (mob packs, more than 1 mob at a time),
go for Mongoose. If you’re single target (main tanking), the numbers vary, some say Mongoose is better, some say Agility is better.
If you want to rely on a proc that grants more avoidance, go for Mongoose, otherwise go for Agility, as it is more reliable.

Next time I hope I’ll handle the other missing bear enchants (if I’m not too lazy).

Please leave comments, mail me, correct my mistakes, or just give advice on how to improve this list, or if you find new enchantments that are better.