Why am I still playing?

Sorry for the wall of text that’s coming…

That’s what I’ve been asking myself several times now, and after Yashima encouraged me to write about it in BA chat today, I’ll try that.
At first I want to say that, mostly, when I log in recently, I’m doing it for raids, for nothing else. That’s mostly because of my “no PuG”-mentality, my recent dislike to doing PvP as Alliance on the Hinterhalt-BG in Europe and my not needing to farm stuff or money (or reputation and stuff like that).

As I think I have written before, I am (or should be) the main feral druid in our raid, but recently I’m mostly healing in raids (which I don’t mind if it happens from time to time). Just to show you how much I’m healing, we’re currently at 3/5 MH and I haven’t even SEEN Anetheron and Kaz’rogal as a feral druid yet, I was healing on both our raid first kills.
As I write this, I’m thinking of not speccing restoration for raids again for at least the next month, even if that means we have to dump the raids because of missing healers (which is weird, because we only have one spot for a restoration druid, and both our trees are just either having to work on raid hours or are on vacation, and the other healers can’t even stand up to replacing a SINGLE missing healer, so with me not being restoration this evening, we might be stuck with 6 healers and so may be cancelling the raid again).

I joined the raid (ok, I was in it right from the beginning, I even was druid class officer right from the beginning, maybe that’s my problem) as a feral tank, and everybody was ok with that. Up to now all that I’ve been tanking was some add on Karathress, Tidewalker, Al’ar and Voidreaver, so where does that set me as one of our main tanks while not doing main tank duty? – Yeah, mostly as kitty dps (which I am great at, mostly doing top3-damage, where I always think “Why are all those PURE dps spec’d and geared people doing less damage than me, where I only got myself tanking gear and using some of my bear stuff for kitty?”), the occasional healing when there was really a healer shortage (all of them being ill, having no interwebz, or moving) and even the occasional nuking as a moonkin-spec’d druid.

Why I’m writing all this, you might ask (if anybody does actually read this)… I really don’t know, actually… maybe to show you my situation, maybe just because I HAD to get it off my soul some time…

Now, to get back to the main topic of this post: Why am I still playing/raiding/whatever I’m doing?
I think I’m mostly still playing because of two main reasons: It’s cheaper than buying new games every two or three months (well, ok, there are not many games released recently that got me thinking “I need to get and play that”) and, the more important point, the people playing.

I’m mostly doing stuff ingame with some of my long-time real life friends (they caused me to start on the server where I’m recently playing) and some people I got to know in the game (mostly that priest I once wrote about in one of my first posts) whom I don’t want to miss playing, chatting, and doing stuff with.
I think if it wasn’t for the people I know that are in the raid, I would already have stopped at least raiding, at least in that raid, maybe even in general, and maybe I wouldn’t even playing WoW any more.

So here some shout-outs to people who will never read it, but who totally deserve it for being great friends, both ingame and outside:
Ango, that dwarf priest, theorycrafter and GREAT buddy. He’s the guy you can talk to all night, about any stuff you want, and he’s a great guy, but sadly he stopped playing because he realized it wasn’t good for him any more.
My guild, <Liga Aventurica>, mostly consisting of great guys (well, I know nearly all of them in the real world, because those are my long-time real life friends).
Saeon, a great druid and even greater person behind that druid whom you can talk to about any stuff, he’ll always have an open ear.

Oh, and everyone great that I have forgotten.

That just needed to be written, I think…


2 Responses to “Why am I still playing?”

  1. So you found something to write after all 🙂

    It’s always good to hear that it’s the people that keep others playing. When people get frustrated with the game for other reasons, a little reflection nearly always shows that’s the reason they are still there. It is the reason I always go back, too. Even though WoW is not the most social of MMOs, it still is a game where you meet people while playing.

    And yes I haven’t found other games either. I played Drakensang for a few hours till I decided I preferred WoW. Btw: Your guild name sounds a bit like something to do with DSA … is it?


  2. I think so… our former guild leader (who converted to playing horde but occasionally logging into his dwarf) was/is a great fan of DSA, so he named the guild after something in there…
    I never played it so I don’t really know, I’m more into D&D 🙂

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