BA shared topic: If I could have a class flying mount

This week, the Blog Azeroth shared topic is “If I could have a class flying mount it would be…” and here are my thoughts:
I thought about it, having a druid with its own veeery nice swift flight form, it should be special. Very special. And cool. And then a memory caught me.
There was once, before the questline for the swift flight form was implemented, a video on WCM displaying just what every druid would want, and I want to present it here as my wish for the druid class flying mount (maybe for another AddOn): the
Epic Flight Form! by Dementia Myndflame.

On a completely unrelated note, we downed Anetheron in our second try yesterday and got one or two shots at Kaz’rogal, the better one wiping at 17%, which I am quite fond of (me being a tree at that time, because our paladin class officer was having a nap on his sofa and wasn’t awoke when we started so I had to respec).


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