Kickin’ some demon’s butt

We just downed Anetheron for our first time! Yay!

And that just because we had not enough people show up early enough to go try attempt Kael’thas, the RL decided to go Hyjal where we one-shotted Winterchill (as always) and made our way through the waves before Anetheron several times (got some nice reputation, I got revered today, having seen only two bosses in that instance).

And then, in one quite smooth try, we got him down!

Bad thing, I had no time to do a screenshot, because some guy talked to Jaina and got us all flee in terror (or get our asses kicked, as you would call it) by the invading undead army.


One Response to “Kickin’ some demon’s butt”

  1. Congratulations on the first downing! Also, make sure to get some miners out and scouting for nodes afterwards; the gems aren’t as rare any more since they’re acquirable with badges, but they’re still free gems!

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