Raid stress

Right now, my raid has some leadership problems. Our raidleader and our warlock class officer are not doing their stuff right now, so the other class officers decided to let them have a last chance so that we are trying to let the raid live and not get it broken up (like the last two raids where the same guy had been co-leader).

So right now we’re in quite a bit of trouble, having downed Vashj only once, having quite a large part of the raid wanting to go to Hyjal to get down some new bosses (which we do wipe on because some people don’t know what to do or that are just so freaking slow when it comes to reacting (like, melee sitting inside of all the other melee when they get Infernal’d on Anetheron, people sitting inside of death&decay on Frostwhisper, or just people that don’t do the stuff that they have to do in that particular situation)) and the other part being new people that still need to get some stuff from the bosses we have on farm, or rather call them that way, to improve their equip so they have chances on tier6-content.

Raid attendance isn’t the best these days and we already had some raids canceled because of this or because there was a game of Germany this football EM.

And finally, a good friend of me (my 2on2 partner, our shaman class officer, and the only other theorycrafting-interested member of our raid) has decided to stop playing WoW, so we are missing another great player from now on.

Note to myself: have some clues of what stuff I want to write about on this blog, and not just open that “write article”-stuff and start to type, that will just get shitty =)


2 Responses to “Raid stress”

  1. Been having a lot of similar problems with my perky priestess’s raid. We’re 3/4 and 5/6 for Tier 5 content, but 2/4 in Hyjal Summit. Our raid leader is a nice guy, but he stubbornly clings to downing Vashj before moving fully into Tier 6 content and instead schedules a third day of raiding to do Hyjal — while we spend all weekend for a total of eight hours wiping on Vashj. It’s annoying, it’s frustrating, and we’ve been losing people in droves.

    Hopefully things work out for you better than they have us!

  2. Eglador Says:

    Well, we have done quite some changes to the raid, downed Vashj again last Sunday, and are going to attempt that Blood-Elf-Thingy in TK next week, and after that do some more focused raiding into Hyjal and Black Temple, so actually we are doing quite well right now =)
    And for Vashj: I think we only had about 8 hours on her on our first kill and about 4 hours on our second kill, so when everybody does what they should do, you should be able to let her die.

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