Stuff nobody wants to know

I think I should start with some stuff about my druid and his/my experiences inside the World of Warcraft.

I only have some little raiding experience from vanilla times, just got to kill Ragnaros once and Onyxia twice, cleared AQ20 one time, wiped in Zul’Gurub several times, but all that on my rogue back then.

After some time in Burning Crusade now, I think I have seen quite much stuff, wasted about 3 raids until getting into one that actually has some potential and cleared all T4 and SSC right now, and we have downed all but that silly bloodelf Kael’thas in Tempest Keep, me tanking on several occasions (including about… everything besides MT on Leotheras and Hydross) and DPSing or healing on all that other stuff in there.

Right now I’m trying to get our raid to get kill Vashj again so I have the chance to get my T5 stuff (me is the next one getting that Defender token when I’m present, she falls, and it drops), and besides that I do some heroic stealthing and pugging Karazhan (if I find some raid doing so, I’m totally not a guy going with pick ups anywhere, and I know that I’m missing some stuff).

I think that covers some stuff about me, if you still want to know some stuff, just drop a question in the comments (if somebody finds out about this blog at all).

So now I’ll start listening to the blogcast starring and hope to learn some things about this great druid blogger (who is maybe a great inspiration for many people).


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